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Raam Stuti by Atri | Aranyakand | Ramcharitmanas


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I bow to Rāma, Who endears devotees, and Who is benevolent, composed and gentle. I adore the lotus-feet of You, Which bestow Your abode to the selfless (devotees). I bow to Rāma, Who is selfless, Who is beautiful and blue, Who is like the Mount Mandarācala for the metempsychosis ocean, Who has blossomed-lotus like eyes, and Who destroys intoxication etc. vices.[1]

O Lord! I bow to Rāma, Whose long arms are mighty, Who has immeasurable glory, Who holds a quiver, an arrow and a bow, Who is the leader of the three-worlds, Who ornates the lineage of Sun1, Who shattered the bow of Śiva2, Who entices sages and seers, and Who destroys the enemies of demi-gods.[2]

I bow to Rāma, Who is revered by the enemy of Kāmadeva (Śiva), Who is served by Brahmā and other demi gods, Whose appearance is pure knowledge and bliss, Who removes every malice within us, Who is the consort of Indirā (Lakṣmī), Who is the abode of bliss, and Who is the final-state of truth. I adore Rāma, Who is the younger brother of Śacīpati (Indra), and Who is with Śakti (Sītā) and Lakṣmaṇa.[3]

Those men, who shun fallibility, and sing about Your lotus-feet, don’t fall again in the mundane ocean of existence, which is the house of arguments. Those who live away from the material tensions, and sing Your praise for salvation, leave their sensual world and proceed towards Your abode.[4]

I adore that Rāma, Who is the only One, Who is splendid Lord, Who is desireless, Who is Īśvara, Who is Vibhu, Who is world-preceptor, Who is eternal, Who is the only fourth state of bliss, Who is dear to my emotions, Who is hard to attain by imperfect Yogī, Who is like the wish-giver tree (Kalpavṛkṣa) for the devotees, and Who is worthy of service.[5]

I am bowing to You, Who is the consort of the daughter of the Earth (Sītā), and Who is the Lord of the earth. Please be happy on me. I am bowing to You. Bestow me with the devotion towards Your lotus-feet. Those who study this eulogy with reverence towards Your lotus-foot, undoubtedly get attached to Your devotion.[6]


1 Rāma was born in the lineage of Sun (Sūryavaṁśa).

2 Sītā was married to Rāma when He shattered the bow of Śiva kept in the palace of Janaka. This shattering was kept as the condition for the marriage of Sītā.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Rāmacaritamānasa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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