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Sankat Nashan Vishnu stotram, Padma Purana


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Saṅkaṣṭanāśanaṁ Viṣṇustotram

After the demons attacked again on the demi-gods, frightened Indra (Vāsava) and demi-gods started praying to Lord Viṣṇu for rescue.[1]

Salutations to You, Who take various forms like fish and tortoise for the rescue of Your devotees, Who is enthusiastic about relieving devotees from the clutches of fear and finishing their work, Who makes the destiny, stabilizes everything in this universe, and then destroys everything in the end as a playful-act, and is decorated with Mace, Shell, Lotus, and Discus in hands.[2]

We continuously salute You, Who is dear to Ramā (Lakṣmī), Who destroys the demons again and again, Who has the snake-destroyer Garuḍa as a vehicle, Who is decorated with a beautiful yellow robe, Who accepts or destroys the worth of any sacrifice, and Who is a refuge (for everything in this universe).[3]

We continuously salute Viṣṇu, Who destroys the fear and sorrows of demi-Gods — which are oppressed brutally by the demons, Who sleeps on a bed of snake (Ādiśeṣa), and has two eyes representing the Sun and the Moon.[4]

Those who sing this eulogy, with devotion, never face difficulties, or pain in their lives — with the bliss from Śrīhari.


Poet: Nārada

Book: Padmapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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