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I adore Mother Śrīśāradā, Who is resplendent on a seat — which is made of gold, which is beautiful and tasteful, which is glowing due to light from jewels, which is adorned with various decorations, Who has a smiling face, Who is beautiful, Who has ear-rings with trickling jewels and diamonds, Who is accompanied by moonlight streaks, Who is noble, and Whose lustre is like winter-cloud.[1]

I adore Bhāratī, Who holds an endeared Śārikā bird on fingers, Who holds a book in left hand, Who bears a white sandalwood akṣamālā in upper arm, Who resides at Mount Śṛṅgerī, Who is spotless, Who is adorned with white apparel, Who liberates from metempsychosis, Who is Goddess, and Who bestows desires of devotees.[2]

I visualize Śāradā, Who was worshipped by Śaṅkara and other supreme spiritual masters in the beginning. I visualize Śāradā, Who is served by the succession of kings of Mount Śṛṅga. I visualize Śāradā, Who is right now worshipped by opulent persons, which are full of stable devotion, and Who is always popularized and enacted by the abode of knowledge and best among seers.[3]

O Goddess, Who is honored by Śrīnātha, Brahmā (ruler of Tridaśa), and Śiva (Girijānātha)! O Goddess, Who has a beautiful crown studded with the Moon (Tārānātha)! Of me, there is no other Iṣṭadevatā. O Mother! Without You, the boat of metempsychosis sailing in the three-worlds is unprotected. And, since old times, I am immersed in the unsurmountable and dreadful swarm of metempsychosis waves.[4]

O Mother! The sages with Vedamantra dedicated to Your lotus-feet, the roaming bumble-bees intoxicated with the nectar of new flowers with jingling sound, the birds in trees with a variety of resounding chirps, and the echoing sounds of River Tuṅgabhadrā in the mountains are singing Your suprabhātam (wake up call) here.[5]

O Mother! In this earth of You, these men dwelling in the spotless Śṛṅgatīrtha are blissful, which are washed off from sins by Tuṅgabhadrā, and which are engrossed in serving Your feet. O Mother! Also, blissful are the birds, bumble-bees, and fishes — which are in close proximity of the grandeur of Your lotus-feet, and which have touched the soil from Your feet — roaming in this place.[6]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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