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Meenakshi Stotram by Adi Sankara (attributed)


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O Mother Mīnākṣī, Who is Śrīvidyā, Whose dwelling-place is the left half of Śiva, Who is honored by Śrīrājarājā, Who is the existential power of Śrīnātha (Viṣṇu) and Ādiguru (Śiva), Who is sitting on the seat made of Cintāmaṇi, Whose lotus-feet is bowed upon by Śrīvāṇī (Sarasvatī) and Girijā (Pārvatī), Who is Śrīśāmbhavī, Who is eternal-bliss during afternoon, and Who is the daughter of King Malayadhvaja! Protect me.[1]

O Mother Mīnākṣī, Who is situated in the Tāntrikacakra, Who is steady, Who rules over the movable and immovable world, Who is worshipped by the world, Who gives boons to troubled female friends, Who causes fearlessness in the saluting ones, Who is accompanied with heavy breasts, Who is knowledge, Who is told by the best among Veda series, Whose form is resplendent like lightening and curvy like creeper, and Whose heart is full of complete and pure nectar juice! Protect me.[2]

O Mother Mīnākṣī, Who has a crest, a bracelet, jewels and ear-rings, Who is honored by bow and arrow, Who has a long garland over coconut-shaped breasts, Whose feet and slippers are decorated by jingling anklets and shiny jewels respectively, and Who is like Garuḍa for my snake like poverty! Protect me.[3]

O Mother Mīnākṣī, Whose exploits are sung by Brahmā, Maheśa and Viṣṇu, Who is at the end of Pretāsana1, Who is furnished with noose, hook, bow and arrow, Who has a crest-jewel of new moon, Who is Bālā, Who has unsteady eyes like a fawn, Who is resplendent like millions of rising sun, Who is adored by Mudrā, and Who is the daughter of sage! Protect me.[4]

O Mother Mīnākṣī, Who is saluted by celestial bards, demi-gods and Nāga, Who is embraced by Gaṅgādhara (Śiva), Who sits on Garuḍa as Gāyatrī, Who is born from a lotus, Who is beautiful and dark complexioned, Who is nicely situated, Who is beyond skies, Who is fire for timber-like villain, Who is twinkling like millions of fireflies, Who is worshipped by Mantra, and Who is the daughter of sage! Protect me.[5]

O Mother Mīnākṣī, Who is Nādabrahman, Who is saluted by Nārada, Tumburu and others, Who remains as the cause of Nādabrahman after the Nāda, Who is eternal, Who is in the proximity of blue-creeper2, Who is without a simile, Who is in the proximity of wild-rice, Who is beautiful, Who is deft in Kāma, Who lives in Kadamba, Who is situated in the lap of Kāmeśvara (Śiva), Who is my knowledge, and Who is the wish-giving creeper sought by me! Protect me.[6]

O Mother Mīnākṣī, Whose eyes are half-closed due to lute tunes3, Whose red flower like lips have Betelnut, Who is associated with earrings and garland, Who is dark in complexion, Whose forehead is decorated with a new moon (Candrakalā), Whose teeth have deer-musk, Who is complete, and Whose charming face has all the beauty! Protect me.[7]

O Mother Mīnākṣī! May You — Who is Śabdabrahman, Who is the movable-immovable world, Who is light, Who is sound, Who is eternal bliss, Who is dispassionate, Who is tattva (Brahman), Who is mind, Who is beyond tattva, Who is Parātpara, Who is Māyā, Who is wealth, Who has all the luxuries, and Who is eternally blissful — protect me.[8]


1 Our body is supposed to have five Pretāsana.

2 The meaning of nīlalatātmike and nīvāraśukopame is only approximate as presented here. Their actual meaning is unclear to the translator.

3 The meaning of vistrastacūlībhare is unclear to the translator.


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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